2011 BMW 5 Series M Sports Package by Kelleners review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 4 March 2011 , 01:03:37 byVeronica

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BMW 5 Series M Sports Package by Kelleners

The 2011 BMW 5 Series M Sports Package by Kelleners brings new dynamics, enhanced performance and optimised suspension to the BMW 5 Series. Furthermore, the sporty-looking vehicle is transformed into a really racy vehicle due to the stylish upgrade of the interior. The petrol and diesel models now feature around 20 per cent more engine power with the 520d reaching 218HP instead of the standard 184HP, while maximum torque increased to 450 NM as compared to the initial 380 Nm. The 535i jumps from 306HP to 367Hp and its torque reaches 480 Nm instead of 400 Nm. The sporty origins of the BMW specialists are emphasised by the electropolished stainless steel mesh of the MS three-part front grille while the oval stainless steel exhaust pipes, which measure 225x90 millimetres, contribute to the sporty edge both left and right.
Roll and pitch movements are reduced by the vehicle which is lowered by 30 millimetres, due to the improved handling of corners, a fact accomplished by the sport springs set from Kelleners Sport.
An important role is played by the Kelleners Sport alloy wheels with the dimensions of 9x20 inch at the front and 10x20 inch at the rear and fitted with high quality tyres in sizes 255/35 and 285/30. The interior of the car comprises pedals and footrests made of polished aluminum together with real velour black floor mats wearing the tuner's logo at the front.
Both the dynamics and the individuality of the BMW 5 Series are enhanced by Kelleners Sport by releasing the M sports package.