2011 Citroen DS3 Racing Shoes by Gio Goi review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 6 September 2011 , 10:09:05 byAlina

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Citroen DS3 Racing Shoes by Gio Goi

Gio-Goi, the award-winning fashion brand, has taken a partnership with Citroen, aiming to create a limited edition shoe, named DS3 Racing Shoe by Gio-Goi, which finds its basis on Citroenís DS3 Racing. The DS3 Racing Shoe by Gio-Goi is a strictly limited edition line of footwear with just 100 pairs being produced, some of which will be available to purchase. The race car represents a high-performance version of the striking supermini that was developed by Citroen Racing, a six-time World Rally Champion winning team.
The carís high-quality materials together with specific visual styling cues, such as the sporty orange grille and the sculpted 18-inch alloy wheels, have been the main design inspiration for the distinctive high-top shoe. The comfort of the shoe results in a perfect match with the movement of the foot while driving due to the soft leather lining, foam padded tongue and flexible rubberised sole. The pattern of the sole appears to be a beautiful re-interpretation of the curves in the alloy wheels and the carís leather seats lent the collar a combination of black leather and black mesh. The shoes feature a recommended retail price of £120 and the store is going to be open for three days, on 13, 14 and 15 September. There is a party scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 14 September and it will feature performances from the hottest new music acts, with free tickets available.
Adam Ward, Footwear Designer for Gio-Goi, stated that it was the perfect partnership as the carís unique lines, hi-tech details and luxury comfort, had inspired him to create that stand-out premium shoe design.
Mark Lloyd, Chief Designer of CitroŽn's International Projects also commented that Citroen DS3 Racing had been built for performance, exclusivity and style and Gio-Goi had added its signature creativity, succeeding in producing a perfect compliment to the model with that great footwear design.