2011 Dacia Duster No Limit - Pikes Peak International Hill Climb review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 27 May 2011 , 02:05:17 byEmil

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Dacia Duster No Limit - Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

The 2011 Dacia Duster No Limit is going to tackle the world's most prestigious hill climb event, called the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and is scheduled to take place in Colorado, USA, on June 26. The Dacia Duster No Limit is a purpose-built 850 HP prototype and it will be driven by the champion Jean-Philippe Dayraut, who ambitiously aims to challenge for the win. It was he who managed to convince Dacia and Renault Sport Technologies to join him in this extraordinary adventure. Dacia Duster No Limit is an exceptional, extremely powerful car. Jean-Philippe Dayraut stated that the Pikes Peak Hill Climb was the only event where one could keep a monster like that in check while drifting at speeds of 200kph on a course that featured a mix of asphalt and dirt.
Dacia has emerged as one of the industry's genuine success stories thanks to the wide range of reliable, spacious and carefully designed vehicles. The Duster off-roader is the sixth vehicle of the brand's line-up and was launched in April 2010. The car model proved to be an immense hit as the sales have reached almost 127,000 vehicles worldwide. Dacia Duster No Limit easily complies with the particular regulations of the American competition's "Unlimited" class which does not set any limit regarding the size or power output of the engine. A number of sophisticated features are comprised in the Dacia Duster No Limit, beginning with the specific gearbox and ending with the advanced aerodynamics.