2011 Dodge Challenger V6 Facelift review and pictures

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Dodge Challenger V6 Facelift

The Chrysler Group LLC is soon releasing the new Pentastar V6 engine,the most advanced six-cylinder one, available for 13 models, offering an improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, thus aiming to replace in the future seven different V6 engines. Bob lee, the vice-president for engine engineering from Chrysler Group officially stated that the engine met the requirements for a full range of vehicles including passenger cars, mini-vans and sport utilities and as it featured compact and lightweight, it is going to be applied for front-, rear- and all-wheel-drive models and waht it is also important to mention is the fact that the Pentastar enables the Chrysler Powertrain to reduce the major engine components from 189 to only 32.
The 2011 Dodge Challenger is going to be one of the models fully equipped with a higher horsepower version and the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine. The technologies which were incorporated in the new engine developed both the intake and exhaust systems allowed the power increase (more than 300 hp) and the fuel efficiency.
The new engine has a total length of 503mm and with this shorter length the engine packagings are considerably reduced.
This engine also appears to have a new simplified oil system by a paper filter which is located on top of the engine, and, in order to reduce the long term environmental impacts, this paper filter can easily be incinerated.
In spite of the increased and impressive power, this engine was designed to run on regular unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 87, but it can also run on E85 blended gasoline.
Besides the power gains, weight reductions are also impressive, as the Pentastar V6 is 94lbs lighter than the 3.7-liter engine it replaced in Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Recognised as one of the quietest V6 engines available on the car market,as its vibration was considerably reduced, the Pentastar V6 took 45,000 hours of computer analysis to optimize its design.
According to Bob Lee, the new engine incorporates the best technology, offering the customers an exceptional refinement, performance and fuel economy.