2011 Gordon Murray Design T.27 EV review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 1 July 2011 , 01:07:19 byVeronica

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Gordon Murray Design T.27 EV

The 2011 Gordon Murray Design T.27 EV is considered to be the world's efficient electric car and was released by London Gordon Murray Design. The programme became possible through a 4.5 million investment from the government-backed Technology Strategy Board and it lasted for 17 months. Aiming to significantly reduce lifecycle impacts and enable low cost, T.27 specifically targets the urban city environment via a holistic and unique manufacturing process. The car addresses full lifecycle CO2 emissions, congestion, parking and low cost monitoring, while setting completely new standards in weight, footprint, small car dynamics and safety. Every aspect of the vehicle was optimised due to the iFrame geometry. Professor Gordon Murray, CEO of Gordon Murray Design, stated that lightweight was the most powerful tool they had in their armoury in the fight against emissions and fuel consumption, adding that they managed to increase the levels of safety, reducing at the same time the retail price dramatically.
In a second crash test on the vehicle, Gordon Murray Design achieved first class results, thus confirming the structural integrity on an iStream manufactured chassis during a side impact and presenting a further milestone in vehicle safety development for the company.