2011 FPV GT range 5.0 supercharged V8 review and pictures

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FPV GT range 5.0 supercharged V8

With a historical background of 43 years in Australia, Ford has launched the GT with a supercharged V8 engine, which produces 335kW of power and 570 Nm of torque, thus becoming the most powerful in the history of Ford`s models made in Australia and of course, opens a new and interesting chapter in its rich history. The model reminds of the 1970 Boss Mustang with its "Boss 335" identification and a "hockey stick" stripe package, while the highly sophisticated design, which is all aluminum and a nicely balanced car offer a new drive experience.
The new GT, GT-P and GT E models enhance performance with a quad-pipe bi-modal exhaust system and due to great efforts made by the engineers, their noise is considerably reduced.
New wheels represent the standard equipment and the future driver is offered to choose between 11 colours and three stripe combinations.
Rod Barrett from the Ford Company considered that the model was built entirely depending on the customers` wishes and it was something they fully deserved.


Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) today launched the first supercharged V8-engined GT in the 43-year history of Australia's most iconic performance nameplate.

FPV's high-tech, all-new, supercharged 5.0 litre V8 engine produces 335kW of power and 570Nm of torque, and is standard fitment across the GT, GT-P and GT E models.

It is the most powerful GT in the history of Ford's most famous Australian-made model.

To visually mark the arrival of FPV's new supercharged engine, the sporty new GT and GT-P feature distinctive new body graphics, including a 'hockey stick' stripe package and "Boss 335" identification, reminiscent of the famous 1970 Boss Mustang.

The luxury GT E model retains its low-profile demeanour sans stripes.

"FPV is extremely proud of our new GT range, and very excited about what we have created," FPV General Manager Rod Barrett said.

"The new engine is amazing, its all-round performance frankly sets a benchmark for Australian-made cars, and the exciting thing is that it has been developed here, for our cars.

"FPV's customers certainly won't be disappointed by the performance of the new GT range, or in the way the cars drive, and they have real presence with the new graphics package.

"We've created cars that fully deserve to be part of the Falcon GT heritage and, I think, will write an exciting new chapter in the model's history."

Developed locally by Prodrive in a $40 million program, the new FPV GT engine is based on the 'Coyote' Ford V8 first introduced in the American Ford Mustang earlier this year.

It's a sophisticated all-aluminium design with double overhead cams and 32 valves configuration, is individually hand-built for each car, fully EuroIV compliant and offers improved fuel efficiency.

The supercharged V8's compact size - 47kg lighter than the outgoing 5.4 litre Boss 315kW engine - offers packaging benefits which enhance the handling performance of FPV's new GT range.

"FPV's GT range now offers a whole new drive experience," Rod Barrett said.

"Thanks to the most modern engine ever offered in an FPV, all three GTs now provide tremendous, previously unheard of performance but do so in the smoothest, most responsive manner possible.

"They feature a brilliant engine, and thanks to a huge amount of work, make exactly the right noise too.

"At the same time, the GTs' handling has benefitted the lighter engine so turn-in response is sharper, and the whole car is more nicely balanced. The ride is also improved because we've be able to more finely tune the suspension front-to-back."

A feature of the new GT, GT-P and GT E models is a quad-pipe bi-modal exhaust system which enhances both performance and the all-important exhaust note of the new cars.

Together with the new bodyside stripe, the GT and GT-P models get matching bonnet and rear wing graphics, and increased FPV identification via badging on the steering wheel, instrument cluster and key fob. There's also a new-design build badge.

This increased FPV branding is also featured on the GT E model.

Adding that final touch, all three GT models have new wheels as standard equipment.

The GT gets 19in five-spoke alloys with a machined face and Dark Argent accents, the GT-P gets 19in five-spoke alloys with a machined face and Sparkle Silver accents, and the GT E gets 19in 10-spoke alloys finished in Alpine Silver.

Available in 11 colour and three stripe combinations the GT and GT-P have the choice of three interior trim colours, while the GT E has eight exterior colours and two interior trim combinations.