2011 Ferrari F150 review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 29 January 2011 , 08:01:59 byVeronica

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Ferrari  F150

Ferrari built the fifty-seventh single-seater, aimed to compete in the Formula 1 Championship and the name, 2011 Ferrari F150, symbolizes the celebration of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the unification of Italy. The design of the car was influenced by various factors and many people consider the F150 to severing ties with the recent past, while the innovative features are described by changes to the regulations. The front part of the F150 monocoque is higher than the one used for the F10, while the openings for the side air intakes are reduced in size. As for the tires, Pirelli took up the baton as sole supplier to Formula 1 for the next three years, providing the tires for the cars from Maranello.
The reintroduction of KERS has brought a significant change in the architecture of the front end of the engine, thus leading to changes to the cooling and lubrification systems. MTS and Magneti Marelli produced the kinetic energy recovery system and was finely tuned, willing to reduce size and weight, but at the same time they were careful to maintain the maximum useable power and its usage cycle over one lap.
As Ferrari accustomed its fans, the engineers focused on the performance and optimization of all materials used, beginning with the design stages and when going through quality control, managing to deliver the highest possible safety standards.