2011 Williams Cosworth FW33 review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 7 February 2011 , 14:02:48 byAngela

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Williams Cosworth FW33

Described by Rubens Barichello as aggressive, this year's William-Cosworth FW33 will make its track debut in Valencia. It will appear with a smooth design,which started in December 2009, and an increased optimisation, as engineers made considerable efforts to make the communication between the aerodynamic and mechanical departments a more efficient one. The seven-speed gearbox offers vital reliability, works in conjunction with the new pull-rod rear suspension and it is the smallest box ever produced by Williams F1. The team's double diffuser introduced at the beginning of 2009 was banned and, thus, the team had to apply the developments at the centre, rear and front of the floor, together with the sides of the floor and a little area around the tyre spat, all of which are still free. Kinetic Energy Recovery System recovers the kinetic energy found in the waste heat created by the brakes and the exhausts and then it is stored in a battery and then transformed into power. The introduction of a moveable rear wing is one of the most issued rule changes for 2011, designed to make overtaking easier, but not everyone believes that. Pirelli is the sport's sole tyre supplier for the next three years and will be available with the same dimensions, but with different performance characteristics, especially aerodynamics. KERS added weight to the car, increasing it from 620 kg to 640 kg, forcing the engineers to increase brake cooling, and it is fixed at 46 percent on the front axle.
Frank Williams wishes to get back to the front of the grid and he is aware that it will be difficult, but this car is surely going to take them closer to the leaders, as compared to 2010.