2011 Bertone Jaguar B99 concept review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 2 March 2011 , 10:03:19 byVeronica

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Bertone Jaguar B99 concept

The 2011 Bertone Jaguar B99 concept features a suggestive name as the name B99 stands for B as in Bertone, while the 99 hints to the company near 100 year anniversary in 2012, which is proud to be one of the oldest design companies in the world. A new record is established by Bertone, for it becomes the only Italian designer to have created five different Jaguars. The design of the concept appears to be futuristic, showing a dynamic imbalance between leaping forms and parallel lines. The compact, four-door sedan fits successfully into the D segment with its 4.5 m of length, 1.35 m of height, 1.95 m of width and 2.8 m of wheelbase. Handmade aluminum panels in true Italian "coachbuilder" tradition were used by the engineers to shape the taut, muscular body with a bold and refined character. The sophisticated minimalism outside and in, emphasizes the unique personality of the luxury sports sedan. Willing to maintain the exceptional "double soul" tradition of the Jaguar brand, Bertone will also present in Geneva a full GT2 race version, which adds aggressive graphics together with aerodynamic packages in order to continue their success on the race track.
The B99 takes the technological innovation furthermore with its pure hybrid power system which was exclusively designed and developed by Bertone Energy and incorporates a thermal engine for range extension and two electric motors, which ensure the propulsion for the rear wheels. The hand crafted cockpit uses high quality materials, while the relaxing environment transforms elegant forms into high performance controls.
The modern symbol of the Jaguar automobile manufacturer brand is represented by the infamous "leaper", a chrome image which shows the beautiful animal in a powerful jump forward.
It suggests the idea that every Jaguar is silent, smooth and lightning fast, but at the same time it remains noble and elegant.