2011 Jaguar C-X16 Concept review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 7 September 2011 , 11:09:48 byEmil

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Jaguar C-X16 Concept

The 2011 Jaguar C-X16 Concept hints to the Jaguar's future design and technological intent as it shows a true sporting character, enhanced by a strong aluminum architecture, thus marking a new chapter for Jaguar. The C-X16 concept is a hybrid that beautifully combines styling with searing performance. The Global Brand Director of Jaguar Cars, Adrian Hallmark, stated that the C-X16 embodied the established Jaguar strenghts of sensual design, inspirational performance and animal-like agility, attributes that set them on a course to create sustainable sports cars of the future. The Director of Design of Jaguar Cars, Ian Callum further added that Jaguars had always been dramatically different and the C-X16 had allowed them to move the current award-winning design language on to the next generation. The muscular clamshell bonnet hides the next-generation supercharged V6 petrol engine that delivers 380 PS and 450 Nm of torque, supplemented by a Formula 1-inspired hybrid boost system featuring a steering-wheel mounted button, designed for on-demand acceleration.
Power is drawn from a 1.6kWh battery pack mounted behind the seats through a motor generator that is integrated into the eight-speed gearbox. The maximum speed reaches 186 mph and the acceleration from 50-75 mph is of 2.1 seconds. Furthermore, the C-X16 features CO2 emissions of 165 g/km and gives its drivers the possibility to travel at speeds of up to 50 mph under electric power. The 2011 Jaguar C-X16 is scheduled to make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, on September 13.