2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Mopar accesories review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 5 October 2010 , 05:10:12 byVeronica

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Mopar accesories

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Mopar accesories Consumers looking to customize and personalize their all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee should look no further than Mopar. The exterior comes with five accessory wheels in a variety of sizes ranging from 17 inches to 20 inches meeting strict strength corrosion and balance standards and requirements, aluminum wheels and a stamped-steel wheel for the snow-tire market will also be available starting at $90 Chromed parts include side-mirror covers, exhaust tips, and fog-lamp bezels for the front bumper. MSRP for side-mirror covers: $89, part number 82212218. MSRP for exhaust tips: $77.30, part number 82212400. MSRP for fog bezels: $81.40, part number 82212341. Deluxe and flexible front and rear splash guards. MSRP for front splash guards: $35.10, part number 82210219AB. MSRP for rear splash guards: $35.10, part number 82212020AB Mopar skid plates are made of heavy-gauge steel and painted with a high-quality black finish. MSRP for fuel tank skid plate: $264, part number 82211999. MSRP for front-axle skid plate: $92.75, part number 82211995. MSRP for transfer-case skid plate: $92.75, part number 82211994 Lockable sport-utility bars are made of aluminum ,while T-slots allow for quick carrier installation. MSRP: $244, part number 82212072AB Roof Cargo Basket, Soft-side Roof Cargo Carrier and Bike and Ski Carriers MSRP: starting at $121 Trailer Hitch and Trailer Wiring. MSRP for trailer hitch: $233, part number 82212180. MSRP for seven-way round wiring connector: $67, part number 82212196AB Tubular Side Steps available in black or chrome. MSRP for chrome: $516, part number 82212129. MSRP for black: $309, part number 82212130 Vehicle Covers made of black vinyl with 22-oz. polyester backing. MSRP: $195, part number 82212083 and a full-vehicle cover is made of premium, heavy-weight material ,MSRP: $212, part number 82212084. Wheel-lock Kit and one exclusive Mopar key. MSRP: $45.35, part number 82210879 Interior and Electronics: Bright Pedal Kit. MSRP: $55.65, part number 82212055 Dog Bed. MSRP: $72, part number 82210316 Door-sill Guards made from stainless-steel. MSRP for stainless: $89, part number 82212118. MSRP for illuminated: $169, part number 82212120 Engine Block and Battery Heater Kits. MSRP: starts at $37 Katzkin Leather Seat Covers. MSRP starts at $1,199 FLO TV(TM). MSRP: $509 plus installation, part number 82212162AB iPod Interface Kit. MSRP: $87.15 plus installation, part number 82211853 ParkSense Rear-park Assist System. MSRP: $359 plus install, part number 82212158 Portable Navigation System. MSRP: starting at $179 Rear-seat Video, DVD. MSRP: $1,105 plus installation, part number 82212362. Uconnect Phone. MSRP: $407 plus installation, part number 82211755AB Uconnect Web. MSRP: $499 plus installation, part number 8221856AB, service sold separately. Mopar-first Features include: camper trailers, vehicle-information apps, electronic owner manuals, FLO TV, WiFi, and WiTECH. A complete list of Mopar parts and accessories is available at www.mopar.com.