2011 Retro Surf KIA Rio 5-Door review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 7 November 2011 , 03:11:33 byAlina

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Retro Surf KIA Rio 5-Door

The 2011 Retro Surf KIA Rio 5-Door hit the car markets earlier this month, thus continuing Kia's class-leading fuel economy and design-led transformation. This vehicle represents a specialty lifestyle car model and it was created by Kia in a partnership with Antenna. Its modified suspension adds to the aggressive handling, while the 17-inch gold wheels and the redesigned rear fascia featuring center-mount dual exhaust, accentuate the exterior design. The interior is driver-oriented with brown and beige plaid boardshorts fabric used for the front and rear seats and door panels. The engineers made modifications to the rear center console, thus aiming to obtain more fun in the sun, appearing as a shelf to hold the sunblock. The massive rear hatch area hosts a retro iCade gaming console, a turntable to play vinyl records, shelves for clothing and sandals.

When the all-new 2012 Rio 5-door went on sale earlier this month it continued Kia's design-led transformation with its world-class styling and class-leading fuel economy at 30/40 miles per gallon (mpg) (city/highway)3. For the third consecutive year, Kia has partnered with Antenna to create specialty lifestyle vehicles such as the Retro Surf Rio 5-door, which is outfitted with everything the modern-day surfer needs for a perfect day and night at the beach, including an authentic Grain wood surfboard mounted on the roof. The Rio 5-door has been lowered with a modified suspension for more aggressive handling, and the aggressive exterior design is accentuated by eye-grabbing 17-inch three-piece gold wheels, a stunning sunset-metallic golden-brown paint scheme, a custom body kit with a front splitter made of wood to match the surfboard on the roof and a redesigned rear fascia with center-mount dual exhaust.

The front and rear seats and door panels of the Rio 5-door are upholstered in brown and beige plaid boardshorts fabric, and the wood grain center console brings the classic surfboard theme inside. For even more fun in the sun, the rear center console has been modified as a shelf to hold sunblock and other beach and ocean accessories, and the dark brown suede headliner has a built-in towel rack. When night falls, surfers and their friends will gather around the Rio 5-door's massive rear hatch area, which has been stocked with a juicing station, a retro iCade gaming console that plays 80s-style arcade games on an iPad?, a turntable to play vinyl records, and shelves for sandals and clothing. Surf's up!