2011 Koenigsegg Agera R review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 28 February 2011 , 08:02:49 byAngela

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Koenigsegg Agera R

In March 2011, Koenigsegg debuted at Geneva Motor Show with Agera R, a Hypercar, inspired by the legendary Speed Racer theme. The car is equipped with Michelin tires, and it is white like snow. The pre-production car still managed to achieve success and received great reviews such as "Top Gear Hypecar of the Year". This car promises to set up new standards in its category. A little different than the pre-production version, the Agera R, takes action, and combines philosophies. The design respects the philosophy of the manufacturer, less is more, and the features of the CC created 15 years ago. The Agera R still respects the tradition with the engines produced in-house, powerful engines that complies with the environmental regulations. This extremely versatile hyper car preserves and develops new technologies: the Koenigsegg Electronic Differential which is lighter and faster, unique carbon fiber monocoque chassis, tight suspensions, latest ABS technology, (Rear Triplex Damper) Suspension, Vortex Generating Rim spoke, impressive aerodynamics, dynamic rear wing, Intelligent Lifepo4 Battery. The interior of the car invites in a journey that you will never forget: alcantara, precious materials, carbon fiber and many other classy ingredients and features that you have only dreamt about it. This car is a synonym with innovation, versatility and luxury.