2011 Mercedes E-Class COUPE CABRIOLET by REZONANCE review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 6 July 2011 , 20:07:07 byAngela

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The 2011 Mercedes E-Class Coupe Cabriolet by Rezonance was designed to bring out the lines of the E Coupe, providing at the same time more aggressiveness and substance. Ken Cheung, Director of Revozport, stated that the design concept is something what AMG should have done. The carbon aggressive front splitter completes the front end, while the new front bumper with integrated LED as well as the lightweight vented bonnet complete the styling kit available to all E Coupe and Cabriolet. Furthermore, the Antenna Airfoil is a new feature that has never been offered to the market and finds its inspiration in the F1 onboard camera. Resin Transfer Moulding produces Revozport's new PFRP products, which are famous for their quality of the carbon fiber.

Asia styling company Revozport's new creation for the Mercedes E Coupe and Cabriolet has finally unveiled from its concept drawing board. "The design concept is to bring out the lines of the E Coupe, give it more substance and aggressiveness it deserves. Something what AMG should have done", said Ken Cheung, Director of Revozport.

The complete styling kit available to all E Coupe and Cabriolet features a lightweight vented bonnet, a new front bumper with integrated LED, a carbon aggressive front splitter to complete the front end. The rear is coupled with the 4 elements carbon rear diffuser with an integrated LED fog and reverse light from the AMG SLS, carbon fibre trunk spoiler and roof spoiler. Another new feature never been offered in the market is the Antenna Airfoil, a feature inspired by the F1 onboard camera.

Apart from the renowned quality of the carbon fibre products the company produced, Revozport's new PFRP products are now produced by "RTM" Resin Transfer Moulding technology. This technology provides high product precision and quality consistency to each and every product.

The Rezonance styling kit is now available to order.