2011 Mini Cooper by Vilner review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 3 June 2011 , 02:06:34 byVeronica

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Mini Cooper by Vilner

Along with Mission Impossible and Ocean 11, Italian Job represents one of the greatest robbery action movies and makes MINI enthusiasts want one even more. The MINI appears as small, yet powerful, and maneuvering. Vilner Studio appeared on the stage as anyone who drove a MINI knew that its interior was too plastic for an exceptional car, such as the MINI Cooper. Thus, Vilner chose brown Nappa leather to design luxury in the interior, giving it color and texture. The rhombs on the seats and doors are the main figured patterns in the salon and they are exactly the same as the ones which welcome each owner of Bentley. Smooth black leather elements have been added to the doors, while the original plastic was sprayed in sparkling grey. The panel is rendered by a puzzle of different shapes that flow into one another and the Vilner engineers used 4 materials together with a two-color combination of classic Nappa and Alcantara leather. The exterior catches attention with a combination of grey polish, which was covered with matting foil featuring pearl efect and black mat.
Vilner Studio proved its skills and craftsmanship with this whole composition of colors and high-quality materials.