2011 Nissan 370Z Nismo RC Race Car review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 27 October 2011 , 12:10:18 byVeronica

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Nissan 370Z Nismo RC Race Car

The Race Car from Nissan,version 370Z Nismo RC has new features that makes it faster and powerful! First of all the new car is more lighter and this feature improves the vehicle's speed. The builders went by the rules of FIA GT4 when building the new model so we can find a fire extinguisher in the car,as well the body was added a roll cage for better safety. Some of the parts of the car were also changed ,namely the clutch,the cooling system,the seats,the exhaust and some others. The car is powered by a 3.7 liter Nissan engine that delivers 355 horsepower and 276 ft. lbs. of torque. Almost all the parts that were used in upgrading this car are made by Nismo,a part of Nissan Group. Nismo components are designed by specialists and are made to last and to deliver better and better performance. For more information you can visit http://www.nissan-global.com/EN/

Nissan Motorsports Offers Nissan 370Z Nismo RC RACE CAR
Iconic GT car is lighter, faster and ready for the track

If you've ever wanted to extend your love of the iconic Nissan Z-car from the street to the track, now is a good time to take action. Nissan Motorsports is now offering Nissan 370Z race cars for customer orders. The track-ready Nissan 370Z NISMO RC is based on the street legal Z-car, but is significantly lighter and fitted with a FIA-compliant roll cage, fire extinguisher, racing seat and numerous NISMO performance upgrades.

The Nissan 370Z NISMO RC has been designed to conform to International FIA GT4 and World Challenge GTS class specifications. With some modifications, the Nissan 370Z NISMO RC can also compete in the Grand Am Continental Tire Challenge GS class.

Weighing in at 2,954 lbs., the Nissan 370Z NISMO RC features NISMO race exhaust, NISMO tuned ECM, high capacity NISMO clutch, flywheel, engine oil, transmission and differential coolers and a Recaro racing seat with 6-point racing harness. A Sparco racing steering wheel and a revamped and race-ready carbon fiber switch panel are also part of the RC package. The 3.7 liter Nissan VQ37VHR powerplant is rated at 355 horsepower and 276 ft. lbs. of torque. Numerous hose and connector upgrades have been added to meet the rigorous demands of track use.

Nissan Motorsports provides an easy way to race its 370Z in a competitive professional racing series. Interested parties may contact Nissan Motorsports at 1 (888) 833-3225 for more information, or send e-mail inquiries to nmc.race@nissan-usa.com.

About NISMO parts

All NISMO components are built to last. Thoroughly engineered and rigorously tested to ensure a seamless fit and outstanding performance, every NISMO part and accessory is designed and crafted to 100% Nissan standards.

* NISMO and Nissan Motorsports Competition parts are sold "as is" without any warranty whatsoever. Implied warranties of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose are excluded. The entire risk of quality and performance for such parts is with the buyer. Should such parts prove defective following their purchase, the buyer, not the manufacturer, distributor or retailer assumes the entire cost of all necessary services or repairs. Nissan Motorsports Competition Parts and NISMO R-Tune parts are designed and intended for off-highway application only.

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