2011 Opel Meriva EV review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 5 October 2010 , 12:10:59 byDan

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Opel Meriva EV

Opel producers, together with MeRegioMobil have developed a plan to build and launch on the market three electric Merivas. This project was funded by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology and plans to integrate electrical vehicles as mobile energy storage units as a necessity of the future. The electric Meriva will be electrically refuelled, due to electric controls and this thing is possible with both a 230-volt household current as well as 400 volt three-phase AC. This charging technology which implies two ways, is wished to verify the practicality of distributed energy storage in car batteries in order to achieve a home usage.
With a torque output of 215 Nm and a 60kW / 82hp electric motor, the electric Meriva is for the moment a research-vehicle, as the engineers are still testing what these cahllenges of connecting the electric vehicle into the energy system of one`s Smart Home really imply.
An important factor in this MeRegioMobil project is represented by the communications technology as the future car owner will be able to easily distribute the energy between home and vehicle by computer.
Next-generation electrification technologies are now being developed, thus opening for Opel and the other automakers a new era in which CO2 emissions are reduced to zero and a greater independence from fossil fuels.