2011 Peugeot iOn review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 6 September 2010 , 16:09:30 byAlina

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Peugeot iOn

The 2011 Peugeot iOn is a full size car thaat runs 100% on electricity. First of all it is very easy to operate,it is silent and comfortable but above all it is very safe. New energy storage technologies were used on this car so the autonomy of the batteries increase. This model,iOn was created for the city and suburbs also. There is enough space in the car,even for taller people. Another great thing about the car is that it has no CO2 emissions so it is a environmentally friendly car. Rining costs are very low at this kind of car, the iOn costs are below 2 euros at 100 km. The car has plenty of features that increase the safe,like six airbags,emergency brake assist,ESP. Some extra features are available on the car for example the Peugeot Connect Fleet a feature that allows the monitoring of the car, or Electric Driving that allows the owner to check the car via smartphone or a PC. The car is electronically controlled,a computer records the operations of the driver and when it is needed the computer helps the driver improving response of the commands. The best thing about the iOn is that the battery can be recharged in your own household from a earthed socket of course,it is a very practical and economical also.