2011 TopCar Vantage GTR 2 Porsche Cayenne II review and pictures

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TopCar Vantage GTR 2 Porsche Cayenne II

The 2011 TopCar Vantage GTR 2 Porsche Cayenne II is one of the most interesting tuning projects from TOPCAR Moscow and the car model, Porsche Cayenne, has successfully participated at the most prestigious European car exhibition, the Essen Motor Show. After gaining an incredible positive response all over the world, it was necessary to add to the new model a beautiful new look. Thus, the Porsche Cayenne is going to appear in three various manners, the Porsche Advantage 2, the Porsche Vantage GTR 2 and the Porsche Vantage 2.
The Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR 2 received the new aerodynamic kit from TOPCAR, thus gaining self-asserting nature and accipitral appearance. Carbon fibre and Carbon Kevlar were used for the manufacturing of all car parts, guaranteeing quality and success.
The present moment has seven cars which are in process of redesigning by the TopCar Company.

Porsche Vantage GTR 2 New Tuning Project

TOPCAR Moscow has been involved in the tuning of the Porsche, BMW, and Bentley cars for 6 years.

Having created and implemented a new idea of the Porsche Cayenne rebuilding into the stylized dashing off-road coupe TOPCAR has successfully participated with its Porsche Cayenne Advantage and Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR at the largest and most prestigious car tuning exhibition in Europe - Essen Motor Show. Due to the great majority of renovated cars it proves that the idea has been appreciated and managed to gain customers' confidence.

In this connection, it is remarkable that the new Porsche Cayenne is going to be in a great demand and in fact to be a great opportunity to create the new Advantage and Vantage GTR renovated series.

Straight after being revealed the new Porsche Cayenne gained the positive response all over the world which led to essential wish to supply the newborn car with a new incredible look. The renovated Porsche Cayenne is appearing in three various manners:

  • Porsche Advantage 2
  • Porsche Vantage GTR 2
  • Porsche Vantage 2

TOPCAR is ready to present the new aerodynamic body kit for the Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR 2. The car is also elaborated in the vein of the off-road coupe using Porsche Cayenne 2 base.

In comparison with the original version the renovated Porsche gained the accipitral appearance and self-asserting nature. The whole fresh body shape forms with the front spoiler bumper obtaining menacing arrowy lines perfectly accompanied by the new bonnet, wide fenders and a rear spoiler bumper with a diffuser. The masterly implemented idea makes the car provide an impression of the infuriated beast of prey.

Only 50 cars will gain the astonishing lines of the Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR 2.

The projects are excellent. All car parts are fully manufactured from the Carbon Kevlar and Carbon fibre.

All elaboration activities and fitting works are provided by TOPCAR in the state-of-the-art tuning manufactory. The perfect quality of TOPCAR's products is guaranteed and the company has its own production capacities that are needed to achieve success.

In order to achieve better performance the new Porsche Cayenne engine will be juiced up and get an output from 550 to 750 hp.

The first seven cars are in the process of redesigning by the TopCar Company at present.

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