2011 JE Design Seat Ibiza ST wagon tuning package review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 11 May 2011 , 00:05:02 byAngela

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JE Design Seat Ibiza ST wagon tuning package

JE Design Seat Ibiza ST wagon tuning package is now complete. The package includes suspension lowering and a new bodykit for all the models of Seat Ibiza, including ST Estate. This will add a more sporty and unique appearance for the car. The bodykit will cost only 1149 euros while the suspension lowering will add more 149 euros to the entire cost.

The JE Design bodykit includes a sports radiator grille, a front spoiler, some headlamp covers, a rear apron extension and side skirts. All the components are in a perfect equilibrium and their purpose is to give to the car a more "dangerous" look and a more sporty appearance.

A complete wheel set is also available. A Multispoke set comes to complete the sporty appearance with some 7.5x18 inch ET 35 or 7x17 inch ET 35 versions with tires that have dimensions of 215/35 R18 or 215/40 R17.

Tuning range for the Seat Ibiza is now complete: JE DESIGN upgrades the Estate ST too

  • Full range now available for the ST Estate model too
  • Bodykit and suspension lowering
  • "Multispoke" complete wheel set available in 17 or 18 inch versions
  • Leather upholstery and performance upgrade for the Diesel model

Just in time for its launch, JE DESIGN has upgraded the three and five-door new Seat Ibiza. With the Seat Ibiza ST Estate, the tuning specialist is once more one of the fastest of its kind out there. Just like the three and five-door models, the Estate version has its own range now as well.

Those who want a more individual, sporty appearance for their vehicle won't go wrong by ordering the right bodykit from JE DESIGN. The kit's components are supplied in the same quality we have come to expect from the tuning company. In other words, the material consists of high-quality ABS and all parts fit together perfectly thanks to the CNC milling used. The bodykit, which can be yours for 1149 Euro (including VAT), includes a front spoiler that conveys a sense of raciness even when the car is parked, a sports radiator grille, headlamp covers to give that "dangerous" look, side skirts that ensure a powerful looking outline and a rear apron extension that matches all the other parts down to a tee.

Intended for use in combination with the original shock absorbers are the lowering springs (available for 149 Euro), which promise greater agility and which lower the new Ibiza ST by 35 millimetres. This also enhances the vehicle's appearance, with the Seat now lurking about significantly lower down, not to mention more menacingly, over the tarmac.

When tuning a car, changing its wheels is elementary. As part of its range for the Ibiza, JE DESIGN offers the sporty, yet elegant "Multispoke" wheel design as a complete wheel set. The wheels are available in both 7x17 inch ET 35 or 7.5x18 inch ET 35 versions with size 215/40 R17 or 215/35 R18 tyres. In addition, the customer can choose between the finishes "Shadow Silver" (17 inch available for 1809 Euro, 18 inch for 2260 Euro) or "Matte Black with Silver Wheel Rims" (17 inch available for 1929 Euro, 18 inch for 2380 Euro).

Drivers who wish to see the power of the little Spanish car boosted will be pleased by what JE DESIGN has to offer too. A power boost by way of an additional electronics box (1399 Euro) for the 1.6 TDI CR is available immediately and will boost the car's power from 105 hp (77 kW) to 121 hp (89 kW). This allows the car to achieve a top speed of 194 km/h (as opposed to the 188 kph possible with the standard Seat Ibiza) and to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 10.2 instead of 10.9 seconds. Furthermore, the fact that the torsional moment has increased from 250 to 282 Newton metres means that the low-end and mid-range torque in particular have improved significantly.

As stylish and sporty as the Ibiza ST from JE DESIGN may be, luxury and comfort still await the driver inside the car. If you opt for JE DESIGN's Elegance leather upholstery option (available for 1599 Euro), you'll get a leather steering wheel (399 Euro) as well as leather shift boot and handbrake sleeve (179 Euro). You can opt for any colour combination of the leather and the stitching for no extra charge. If desired, the car tuner can also embroider an individual logo on to the front seat rests for 79 Euro. For maximum driving comfort, you can also purchase the two-stage seat heating (379 Euro), electrically adjustable lumbar support (319 Euro) and the massage system, which makes practically no noise and has a total of twelve programmes (429 Euro).

Once more, JE DESIGN has proved that it's one of the fastest car tuners on the market. With its excellent workmanship and sporty, dynamic sense of style, JE DESIGN is once again setting new standards when it comes to Seat tuning.