2011 Luxgen Neora concept review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 28 April 2011 , 06:04:57 byVeronica

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Luxgen Neora concept

The 2011 Luxgen Neora concept was presented at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, beautifully representing LUXGEN's brand spirit of Think Ahead. The novelty of LUXGEN's energy saving future technologies is enhanced by the fuel economy, the innovation of lightweight together with its streamline flow.
It is a car model which incorporates intelligent technological expertise and the idea of green energy. The origin of the appearance of Neora was the idea of transforming the rigid and cold industrial product into one of the emotional kind. Furthermore, the design of Neora perfectly integrates exquisite detail, beyond fashion, innovation and chic aesthetic. The 180kW electric induction motor propels the front-wheel-drive intelligent electric Neora, while its weight reaches 1,600 kg and a 0 to 100 km/h sprint accomplished in 6.5 seconds. Its maximum speed is of 250 km/h. The PDLC electric glass sunroof provides scenery views and cozy sunshine, while the rear passengers are able to enjoy the infotainment system through LED screen. Even more impressive is the fact that through another 9-inch active intelligent information system, it is possible to exchange information with other vehicles. The interior of Neora is defined by the aim to create inspirations in mobile life, integrating natural and technological elements. Recycled woods are used to present the environmental sustainable concept on both the colors and materials by applying the wooden leather in the earth tone colors with the original wood scheme. The engineers used eco-friendly trims by combining materials and colors, thus hinting to a clean green future LUXGEN and Neora committed to.