2011 Toray Teewave AR.1 by Gordon Murray Design review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 22 September 2011 , 10:09:40 byEmil

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Toray Teewave AR.1 by Gordon Murray Design

A prototype electric sports car called TEEWAVE AR.1, has been announced by Gordon Murray Design Limited and Toray Industries, using many of Toray's automotive materials, resulting in an attractive vehicle for everyone. One of the key technologies of TEEWAVE is the carbon monocoque, which can be applied to all types of vehicle other than the two-seater sports car. Gordon Murray Design developed the control units together with the unique electrical architecture, with Mark Lewis as the project leader. The engineers used a correlation process on the front crash structure, aiming to obtain both half energy and full energy using physical tests. The car is firmly placed in Lotus Elise territory due to its incredibly low weight of 850 kg, which is 400 kg lighter than a Tesla, boasting an output of 47 kW and 180 Nm of torque , providing lively acceleration. The handling balance and excellent ride are ensured by the low weight, suspension geometry as well as low centre of gravity, which received a special attention from engineers. The world class prototype build team from Gordon Murray Design, took great care and made sure that the vehicle was built to schedule and Gordon Murray Designs exacting standards.