2011 Volkswagen Golf R by Siemoneit Racing review and pictures

Posted on Sunday, 10 July 2011 , 16:07:12 byDan

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Volkswagen Golf R by Siemoneit Racing

The German model Volkswagen Golf R received a tuning package from SIEMONEIT RACING. The tuners promise more driving dynamics, more performance, more torque and even quicker and more intelligent gear changes wit the S-Tronic and latest generation DSG automatic transmissions. The modifications refer to the electronics in the engine and the gearbox. The most important part was developed one meticulous step at a time, both out on the road and on the test bench. The end result is top performance of 355 PS and 485 Nm of torque. This is not all. The tuner is also able to convert the Golf onto a Monster. Thanks to different hardware modifications, the R20 Golf will be enabled the produce 530 horsepower. The new programming of the gearbox electronics affords faster acceleration and very fast gear changes no matter if we talk about the road or the race track. Tuners can also modify the Launch Control, the rev limiter, but also the torque limiter of the platforms of the DSG and S-Tronic systems. At SIEMONEIT RACING, the stainless steel SR20.500.1 exhaust system for the current Golf R20 was developed for performances that pass the 500 horsepower limit. The system starts out at 76 mm at the turbocharger with a 100 CPI metal catalytic converter and from there it goes straight through to the two 90 mm exhaust outlets. It is made out of US405.409 marine quality stainless steel and is indispensable for performance of 330 horsepower and above. It is more than clear that the model is ready for any kind of inspection. The ECU modification costs EUR698, the DSG one is priced at EUR298 and the new exhaust system EUR1.749. The intake system modification costs EUR449, the center intercooler EUR1.199 and last, but not least, there is the high pressure fuel pump modification that costs EUR499.