2012 ACS5 by Ac Schnitzer review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 2 March 2012 , 03:03:11 byDan

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ACS5 by Ac Schnitzer

Specialists from AC Schnitzer released several photos representing their new work of art, the ACS5 Sport. The new model will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show where it will have its first public display. The base model is the BMW M5 and it hides under the hood a modified 4.4-liter V8 engine. Now it is capable of developing 620 PS and 720 Nm of torque, so it means an increase of 60 PS and 40 Nm. AC Schnitzer engineers also took care of the interior of the car and so offered blue-accented trim, stainless steel pedals and last, but not least an alloy iDrive cap.