2012 500PS Audi RS3 tuned by Sportec review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 18 January 2012 , 06:01:12 byAngela

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500PS Audi RS3 tuned by Sportec

Sportec developed a tuning package for the Audi RS3. After the modifications of the electronics experts, the model was enabled to produce 408 horsepower and a maximum torque of 550 horsepower up from the base 340. The sport exhaust system is also available in combination with the increase in output to 408 horsepower. The tuners also offer a Bilstein coil-over suspension with sportier tuning and a 20-40 mm lowering. This is adjustable both in height and in the hardness. The power is being sent to the road through 20-inch alloy wheels in Mono / 10 design. At the front and rear axle modified Movit big brake system by Sportec completes the total package of compact cars, and also ensures the desired deceleration even during sporty driving. Especially exclusive is the performance offered by Sportec Haldex unit, the all-wheel drive cars, that might be giving more power to the rear axle, among others. The engineers can feel proud of their achievement, a perfect product range for the RS3 and to be able to offer even a Swiss approval for any modifications too. These are all the information available on the model so far. The newly modified Audi RS3 looks so sporty and squat, without losing the approach favored by Sportec understatement.