2012 BMW M3 by G-Power review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 14 December 2012 , 00:12:08 byAngela

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BMW M3 by G-Power

The new BMW M3 model has received a tuning program from G-Power specialists. The M3 supercharger system increases the efficiency of the model. After the transformation, the tuners have managed to show their long-standing experience, but also the technical expertise of the G-Power engineering department.

The model is now capable of generating 100 horsepower instead of the previous 80 horsepower. This output boost has been achieved after the detail optimization of the M3 SK I Sporty Drive supercharger system. The Power M3 supercharger system is now available with a technical optimized 2013 version. The revisions have as results a continuous quality improvement process and have been made in order to enhance the power output. Before the launch of the produce, the engineers have made extensive CAD engineering together with virtual computational fluid dynamics analysis and intensive test driving to be sure everything is in order. For example, all components of the air intake and the fuel supply system have been developed from the bottom or suffered a complete revise based on their long experience. The air intake features now a larger racing air filter that offers an enlarged air mass flow and it is also dust resistant and more durable.

The modification of the standard ECU software to the new parameters of the forced induction has been optimized in the course of the upgrade process and has now as base the latest software version of the German BMW. Every time G-Power specialists do some modifications they never forget the power increase. To be sure everything is in order the tuners recommend 20-inch Silverstone Diamond wheels covered in Michelin tires that measure 255 / 30 ZR 20 on the front axle and 295 / 25 ZR 20 on the rear one, to transfer the output to the road. All these modifications lead to higher cornering speeds and improved directional stability at top speed.