2012 BMW M3 GTRS5 by Vorsteiner review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 25 June 2012 , 08:06:27 byVeronica

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BMW M3 GTRS5 by Vorsteiner

German carmaker BMW received a tuning package from aftermarket specialists Vorsteiner, the GTRS5, tuning package to be more precise. The base model is a BMW M3. The hard work building the GTRS series wide-body conversion was meant to commemorate the retiring of the E92 M3. The tuners were really careful while redesigning the front and rear bumper covers. All these new styling elements add functionality and performance to the GTRS5 and also give a more aggressive look. The front bumper now has additional vertical vents and so this way the airflow is improved.

Additional air-force is being offered thanks to the rear bumper cover integrated diffuser that features little longer aero fins. The new BMW M3 GTRS5 also features along each side of the rear bumper vertical vents that have different inserts made of carbon fiber. The tuner decided to change the design of the car to enhance performance by reducing the drag and by increasing air flow. It seems that only 40 units of the GTRS5 will be built and sold worldwide, but the good news is that it is already available. Now, to be more precise, the GTRS5 tuning package includes wide arch front fenders made of carbon fiber, extended side skirts and wide arch rear quarter panels also made of carbon fiber.

The list continues with carbon fiber front bumper integrated with optical carbon fiber chin spoiler, floor mats embroidered by Vorsteiner, VS-310 3-Piece concave forged aluminum wheels also developed by the tuning specialists. Last, but not least, the BMW M3 GTRS5 features Nitto Invo Performance Tires. There are also some optional offers for the ones that want more. In this category, they have GTS3 Carbon Fiber Vented Race Hood, GTRS3 carbon fiber boot lid and in the end, the tuner offers E9X M3 Titanium Sport Exhaust System.