2012 Chevrolet Camaro GT by Sareni United review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 4 January 2012 , 12:01:00 byDan

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Chevrolet Camaro GT by Sareni United

The newly designed Camaro GT is offered by the German company SARENI United. The racing tracks will be marked by the presence of this US car that features a power output of 800 Nm and 650 HP, a power which is transmitted to the rear tyres from a 7.9-liter V8 via a newly developed HOLINGER gear box, which weighs only 37 kg, comprising a paddle shift on the steering wheel. This idea belonged to Hans Reiter, the founder and owner of Reiter Engineering in Germany, stating that he was immediately fascinated by the design, adding that the Camaro was a real men's car, a muscle car designed to be on a race track. Its first tests as a prototype went extremely well and Franz Russegger, the leading developer for SARENI United, was pleased, however admitting that there was still a lot of work to do. Krontec developed a newly designed fuelling system that will considerably improve security. Hans Reiter stated happily that he was looking forward to the first race of the Camaro GT as it would be very exciting with their idea of attracting new customers rather than taking away teams from other car manufacturers working extremely well. Being a cost-effective GT racing car, the Camaro GT will undoubtedly attract more teams with YACO Racing Team from Germany being the first team to order two Camaros that are planned to be used in the ADAC GT Masters races in Germany in 2012.