2012 Fiat 500L review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 13 July 2012 , 18:07:46 byEmil

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Fiat 500L

Sometimes because of very interesting new details, we forget to turn our attention towards the less interesting, but equally important ones. To be more precise, we are now talking about the Fiat 500L, a model that has a massive glass roof, the potential of six engine choices and seating for five. Even if this arouses you, it is not all it has. At the moment of its first official debut, the Fiat 500L will be first production car to have an espresso coffee machine.

The distinctive feature is situated between the front seats and it has its own power source and it can do everything. The Coffee Experience kit was developed by Lavazza, the well known coffee maker and it contains car coffee cups, a spoon holder and of course, for the one that like it sweet, its own sugar container. You only have to fill it with water and pop it into the center cup-holder. It has a heating element to boil the water and then after only a few seconds, the coffee is ready. Nothing is for sure yet, but rumor has it the price for the Coffee Experience kit will be EUR250. This option is available only for the European customers so far, the North American ones will have to wait for a little door to open on eBay, maybe. This is all the available information on the Fiat 500L with the Coffee Experience. The Fiat 500L will go on sale in Ireland before the end of this year, but it was launched in Turin a few days ago.