2012 Ford C-MAX Hybrid review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 5 July 2012 , 16:07:46 byEmil

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Ford C-MAX Hybrid

American carmaker Ford made an announcement concerning the new Ford C-MAX Hybrid. Apparently the model is capable of 47 mpg fuel economy inside the city and of 44 mpg on the highway. The specialists are comparing the C-MAX Hybrid with the Toyota Prius V because of these figures. Actually the new model offers a higher total system output of 188 horsepower in comparison with Prius which delivers 134 horsepower. The best part is the price. The new model has a starting price of $25.995, which means it is $1.300 lower than the Prius.

The costs include destination and delivery charges. These obvious differences are just perfect for the hybrid market even if we are talking about the fuel economy or the price, the results are the same. It is clear now that the Ford C-MAX Hybrid is capable of delivering 3 mpg more than the Prius V with more horsepower. This is not all. The new model also features new technology like hands-free lift-gate and a lot more, technology that normally would use more fuel. The pay-back period will be the smallest in the segment thanks to the lower base price of $ 1.300. The North American customer will have the opportunity to purchase the Ford C-MAX Hybrid later, but this year. The carmaker will prepare a plug-in hybrid variant as well. This is all for now.