2012 Ford Shelby 1000 based on GT500 review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 29 March 2012 , 03:03:18 byAngela

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Ford Shelby 1000 based on GT500

Ford developed the Shelby 1000, a model that has as base the 2012 Ford Shelby GT500. Under the hood it features an engine capable of developing 950 horsepower for the street-legal version and 1.100 horsepower for the track enthusiasts. The model will have its first official public display at the New York International Motor Show next month and the team will celebrate 50 years since they unveiled the fist Shelby Cobra, the model that took high-performance to the next level. The engineers have worked really hard trying to obtain an incredible final result and so upgraded several elements like connecting rods, crank and pistons. The Shelby 1000 will be built as a limited production. The price for the street-legal one starts at $149.995 and for the track version at $154.995. In case of a completed Shelby you will have to pay around $200.000 to get it.