2012 Red Bull RB8 review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 7 February 2012 , 07:02:17 byAngela

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Red Bull RB8

Adrian Newey's latest project, the RB8 is not attractive at all, even he admitted it. The model in which Sebastian Vettel will try to obtain a third consecutive driver's title has a rather strange nose. Also, the designer said that the model is another evolution of the RB5. The shape of the chassis is approximately the same, but the nose was dropped in front of the bulkhead and it doesn't look very good. But they had to respect the FIA regulations. Newey is a little disappointed of the FIA regulations in the area of exhaust blowing and this is why he is afraid it will be to hard to be the first in 2012. The RB7 was designed around that exhaust position and this is why it is the most affected probably. Only a few tests will tell for sure what will happen.