2012 Honda Fit EV review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 24 July 2012 , 13:07:04 byAngela

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Honda Fit EV

Honda developed the first Fit EV and delivered it in California at the end of last week. What makes this model so special is that is the first all-electric car the carmaker has ever created. The new owners are Matt and Becky Walton and they are the first owners because they are the first ones to sign up for a lease. Apparently they have owned four other Hondas since 1970. For them, owning the first all-electric Honda is a true honor. The car will cost them $389 per month.

Leases started in California and Oregon and next year will expand to the East Coast. The new Honda Fit EV has a range of 82 miles and a low consumption rating of just 29 kWh / 100 km. The two new proud owners took their car from the Woodland Hills Honda dealership located in the North part of Los Angeles. American Honda will certify dealers in different markets in California and Oregon to provide an excellent customer experience when it comes to sales and service needs. The monthly payment will last three years, until it completes the $36.625, the retail price suggested by the manufacturer. Not everyone who applies for a lease will get one as not all applicants will qualify. At the end of the lease there is no purchase option available. The lease includes collision coverage, navigation system updates, roadside assistance and routine maintenance.

The price mentioned above does not include destination charge, tax, title, license, options, insurance and registration. It does not have any capitalized cost reduction. These are all the information available of the new all-electric Honda Fit EV model.