2012 Honda Fit Sport review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 13 November 2012 , 09:11:19 byEmil

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Honda Fit Sport

Takanobu, Honda president is very optimistic with their new generation Honda Fit hatchback. According to him, this might be the quickest-growing name plant over the next four years in the US in the company. You have to admit he has some very positive thinking that does not stop here. The Honda president is also estimating that sales in the next four years will increase to 200.000 units in comparison with last year, for example, when the specialists have managed to sell only 64.177 units. No pressure, but their new Honda Fit hatchback has a lot of work to do to reach these incredible figures. Of course we are talking about the sales representatives, designers, and the marketing responsible person. No pressure though. Takanobu says the US Honda sales will increase by 18 % and this way the Japanese company will manage to really sell the 2 million units scheduled in the fiscal year ending on March 2017, but there is quite a long time till then.

This year Honda estimates to sell 1.7 million units on the US market. In 2011, sales of the Honda Fit hatch have increased by 9% to 59.235 in North America. Unfortunately this only meant 5% for the company in that region. If the specialists want to sell 200.000 cars they need to sell another 135.000 units of the hatchback. This might happen because once the production will be switched to Mexico the next generation model will be a bit cheaper. This new plant will be opened in 2014 and will have the possibility to build 200.000 Fit units. The new Fit will be the first car to get the next generation one-motor hybrid system. This only means it will have a new battery, engine, gearbox, transmission and electric motor. It is always good to be optimistic and let us hope it works for Honda.