2012 Honda N BOX+ review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 9 July 2012 , 11:07:36 byAngela

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Honda N BOX+

Honda developed a new model for the mini-vehicle N Series and it is even available at dealerships now. We are talking about the N BOX+, a model built under the concept by adding new elements, new options. Everything was possible because of the large cargo area. The carmaker combined the innovative packaging technology the center-tank layout and the new power-plant. This new elements come in very handy for the needs of the customer when it comes to recreational activities, daily routines and so on. Customers now have the possibility to express their personality in a fun way thanks to the 2-tone color style which is different for the roof and body. The new model has been very well received by a large number of customers. Most of them are families with children. Sales have reached around 100.000 units since December last year when it was launched. Honda is planning to sell 3.000 units monthly in Japan. For the body colors, the specialists have prepared a total of 13 colors. This way everyone can choose the one that matches his personality. The carmaker offered different elements for the new Honda N BOX+ and so, it has the Multi-space System, which adds a wide variety of arrangements like different cargo modes or a bed mode. Then, there is the Universal Bridge offered to improve the ease of loading and uploading by combining a sloped floor and an attachable aluminum slope. Under the hood it has a DOHC engine capable of developing top level output and torque that are being sent to the wheels through a Continuously Variable Transmission with high power efficiency. Also, the carmaker offers a DOHC Turbo engine with high performance turbo charger. In terms of safety, the model features impact-mitigating headrests in the front seat, class-leading omni-directional collision safety performance that was realized with the newly-designed engine and new load distribution structure. All these and more, help the Honda N BOX+ keep the occupants safe.