2012 Prindville Electric Hummer review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 29 August 2012 , 00:08:19 byEmil

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Prindville Electric Hummer

Time has come foe us to meet the first specially made electric vehicle in the UK, the Electric Hummer developed by Prindville. The specialists have developed it for the daily use and so in features a lightweight chassis. The carmaker will build it as a limited edition at first and so, only 25 units will see the light of the day. After reaching the full production phase, more units will be available for purchase. The new Prindville Electric Hummer features an in-built 72V drive system mated to a 2-speed gearbox. It also has a fully integrated AC Brushless Motor which receives power from a lithium-ion phosphate battery. This is capable of providing enough power for 60 miles. The newly developed electric vehicle also has a fully adjustable four-wheel drive, adaptive rear drums and to handle the power, the carmaker equips the Electric Hummer with hydraulic front brakes.

To send the power to the road, the model uses 15- or 18-inch alloy wheels. The EV also has a white metallic exterior finish and on the front hood storage compartment features carbon fiber detailing. Prindville also offers LED front headlamps and taillights to provide superior luminosity, heated sports seats covered in Alcantara and last, but not least a Pioneer sound system for special ambiance. Just like its larger sibling, the special attention to detail can also be seen down to the Prindville doorsill plates and floor mats.  Through the tailgate the customer can access supplementary lockable storage. The carmaker established a starting price of GBP25.000 for the Prindville Electric Hummer. This price does not include taxes, VAT and shipping. When purchasing the vehicle, the carmaker is also offering competitive insurance and finance packages.