2012 Infiniti EMERG-E review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 3 July 2012 , 03:07:37 byEmil

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Infiniti EMERG-E

Japanese carmaker Infiniti prepared a special model for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, an EMERG-E prototype driven by Mark Webber, red Bull racing F1 driver. The model has as base the Lotus Evora and under the hood it hides an electric power-train that was custom made for the EMERG-E. This year at the Geneva Motor Show, the carmaker presented the concept version of it. The engineers had to work with a lot of other specialists to turn the Infiniti EMERG-E into a real live car. The technology used is very innovative in comparison with the one used usually by the Japanese specialists. They received funding from TSB and this helped quite a lot in the development process. To be more precise, the engineers borrowed a Lotus Evora platform and replaced the standard power-train with a range-extender electric version, developed for the EMERG-E.

Infiniti managed to show everyone that an electric vehicle can be very interesting. Its design goes perfectly with the high performance character. The carmaker has a lot of experience in terms of hybrid technology and by developing the Infiniti EMERG-E they just proved it, showing everyone their idea of a future sports car. The model is powered by twin-electric motors capable of developing 402 BHP. With this amount of output, the model is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in only 4-.0 seconds and from 0 to 130 mph in 30.0 seconds. The CO2 emission level is zero over a 30-mile range, but when the range-extender petrol engine functions together with the twin electric motors, the CO2 emission level is 55 g/km. All the power is being transferred to the wheels through a single speed transmission. To gain a 20% strength was possible thanks to the weight reduction by using an aluminum chassis and a carbon fiber body.