2012 Mazda Flairwagon review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 28 June 2012 , 03:06:06 byVeronica

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Mazda Flairwagon

Mazda developed the Flairwagon model and this is how the specialists managed to complete their micro-mini line-up. Without any hidings, this model is actually a Suzuki Palette, a vehicle introduced in Japan back in 2008, a 5-door, 4-seat car. The new Mazda Flairwagon is now on sale at all Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozan dealerships everywhere in Japan.

In terms of interior, the new Mazda can accommodate four adults very comfortably, it offers ample headroom and thanks to the cabin length, the rear seats have a lot of room. Because of the sliding rear doors on both sides and a low rear step, the passengers can get in and out of the car even in tight parking situations. The rear seats can be folded away and there is also an upper glove box located in front of the passenger seat that can be used to storage and keep products cold. Thanks to its start/stop system, the limited edition Mazda Flairwagon is capable of 22.2 km/l fuel economy. The carmaker offers different features that make the model what it is. For example it has a stylish design with a high and long roof that provides stability and also comfort, it has a front beach seat and dash-mounted shifter that makes it easy to move between the seat of the driver and the passenger one. There are 5 exterior colors available, for each taste.

Thanks to the Easy Closure function the doors can be closed from a half-closed position. By only pressing a button, the driver can start its car thanks to the advanced keyless entry and keyless push button start system. All the power is being sent to the wheels through a continuously variable transmission with auxiliary gear box and thanks to the Variable Valve Timing. The carmaker tells us that there is the possibility that some bicycles might not fit inside.