2012 Mazda MX-5 Prices review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 27 November 2012 , 18:11:43 byEmil

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Mazda MX-5 Prices

According to the manufacturer, the new model year of the Mazda MX-5 will be available in dealerships all over the UK starting this next weekend, the 1st of December to be more precise. The carmaker established a starting on-road price of GBP18.495 for the basic version of the 1.8-liter SE Roadster that has a soft top, in case you did not know. The top of the range is the Roadster Coupe that has a starting price of GBP23.595 and it is equipped with PowerShift. Also, you should know that the new, improved sports car features a new style. To be more precise, it has a more aggressively styled bumper, but also a new bonnet that apparently is pedestrian-friendly. To transfer the output to the road, the engineers have offered a 6-speed manual transmission that has improved throttle response. To handle the extra power, the new Mazda MX-5 also received an upgrade braking system that will ease the driving experience for the driver.

In terms of equipment, the Japanese specialists have provided climate control air-conditioning, but also a glossy dark grey dashboard manes and steering wheel inserts. Actually all these are now available as standard on every model. Moving on, we also have the Sport Tech and PowerShift options that receive an auto-dimming interior mirror. In fact, the Sport Tech also got a new alloy pedal set. If this is not enough for you, keep calm, the specialists did not stop here, but in fact have decided to get a TomTom satellite-navigation system that comes with an integrated 5.8-inch touch screen monitor, but also with a 4GB SD card based map for 45 countries. The list of new elements continues with iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, Live Service and a very complex multi-media functionality. In terms of power train, you should know the engineers have kept the same options: the 1.8-liter one capable of generating 124 BHP and the 2.0-liter capable of producing 158 BHP. The final product sound, in fact, quite good.

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