2012 Mercedes Citan by KTW Tuning review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 3 January 2013 , 12:01:05 byDan

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Mercedes Citan by KTW Tuning


The Mercedes-Benz Citan comes with new features like a new combination for the high roof, the combination of Stuttgart which was a sensational one when introduced on the market

The Citan name was pretty easily obtained by combining the City and Van words and leaving out two of their letters. This car allows its tuning at a price that is quite reasonable. Its efficiency and appropriately feature was given by KTW Tuning Company. The show was given in Lower Saxony Hildesheim. The only thing missing from the vans in its KTW Tuning was the 18-inch rims having? five double spokes, these being quite suitable in this particular environment.

The XL tires allow the reading of certain dimensions, like 225/40ZR18 92Y. The Citan has also become wider by integrating 10-mm on-site spacers. This procedure required springs shortening and it is reflected in the dynamic of the driving which features the other functions needed. If an observer known to be appreciative takes a look at the wheels, his eyes are easily caught by the callipers in red.

So, things sound very clear now. The Citan is a new arrive, but this does not stop it to step out in both its official versions as a Mixto, Van and Combi and the form created by KTW tuning. If you are interested on the installation, than have prepared around 1999 Euro, because this is the sum asked by the Hildesheimer for it and it also includes VAT for the entire conversion. The price brings with it some valuable advice as well. While still on the subject we should also mention that the mileage of the vehicle is around 3000 km. And if you are among those who prefer leaving things done by others, referring to this kind of building, know that the KTW tuning is available as soon as today. After all, we are talking about the KTW Autohaus GmbH which got its fame in Europe after selling commericoal vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, both new and used, such as Viano, Sprinter, Vito and Citan.