2012 Mercedes SLS Roadster review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 5 May 2011 , 01:05:11 byDan

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Mercedes SLS Roadster

The 2012 Mercedes SLS Roadster received a special attention from engineers during its development, particularly the bodyshell rigidity, driving dynamics, the soft top and NVH. The 2012 SLS AMG Roadsters are easily recognized by enthusiasts, despite being heavily disguised when undergoing tests in Stuttgart. The very latest simulation programs allow engineers to test handling dynamics, aerodynamics, ergonomics, crash behaviour and production process. Tests include the hose test - when all soft top, door and flap seals are sprayed with a water-hose; the continuous overnight rain test, the fording test, the icing, swirl and high-pressure tests, and a final session in an automatic car wash. The breathtaking design unifies the long hood, large wheels and the short rear. The car model is scheduled to make its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, in Germany, on September 13. Tobias Moers , head of overall development and member of the Executive Board at Mercedes AMG, explained that the bodyshell rigidity was extremely important in obtaining handling dynamics. It became necessary to design the side skirts more robustly because there were not a fixed roof and gullwing doors, clearly suggesting that AMG was determined to achieve superior driving dynamics with the convertible variant. The rigidity of the bodyshell was increased by the cross-member carrying the dashboard and a structure between the soft top and the tank which stiffened the rear axle. The three-layer fabric soft top of the SLS AMG Roadster, which is stored behind the seats in a Z-formation to save space, is also relevant to handling dynamics. A sophisticated measuring technology ensures the superior acoustics. The continous water pocket is one special feature of the soft top as it catches rainwater and directs it down to the underbody via two openings on each side. The compact fabric soft top can be conveniently opened and closed in just 11 seconds at the touch of a button at speeds up to 31 mph.