2012 Mitsuoka Viewt review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 28 May 2012 , 19:05:10 byAlina

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Mitsuoka Viewt

Mitsuoka developed the first generation Viewt a lot of years ago, back in 1993. Back then, the carmaker tried to copy a 1960s Jaguar Mk II and this is not all. The specialists managed to do it. How? Well, they used a way smaller chassis as base of the car and offered a 1.0-liter engine and a 1.3-liter engine. Not long ago, the same carmaker introduced a new generation Viewt. This new model has as base the Japanese last generation Micra. We do not know if the idea is so great, because the Micra is not something anyone would call incredible or even nice. Anyway, having this car as base, the new model has some elements borrowed from it, but fortunately the styling remains the same with its predecessor. The interior of the car, which is way worst than the previous Micra, can be seen in the new Viewt as well, but in a different manner. The carmaker tried to hide the plastic elements that make the car look horrible with different high-quality materials. Some of them are wood and leather. Under the hood it hides a 1.2-liter Micra-engine capable of developing 79 horsepower. All the output is being sent to all the wheels through a CVT transmission. The all-wheels drive system makes the difference. Overall, the model looks quite good especially with the wire wheels that offer a retro feeling. The model is twice as expensive as the Micra. The starting price suggested by the manufacturer is approximately EUR 20. 500 and it goes up to EUR27.300. The price might discourage a lot of potential customers, but when you think what you get in exchange, well then we have to admit the Viewt is way better from all points of view.