2012 Nissan Rogue review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 23 July 2012 , 14:07:44 byAlina

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Nissan Rogue

Apparently the Japanese carmaker Nissan will start building the next-generation Rogue crossover at the Smyrna, Tennessee facility. As this seems to be not enough, the carmaker also plans to start production at the Renault Samsung facility in Busan, South Korea. The current model is now being developed in Japan. The specialists plan to launch the new Nissan Rogue next year.

The Nissan-Renault Alliance will make a considerable investment in its Busan facility. To be more precise, they will invest around $160 million to start the production of the next-generation Rogue. The facility will be capable of developing 80.000 units each year. The Smyrna plant will develop another 100.000-120.000 units as well. The Korean plant will start work only in 2014. This year, for example, the specialists will build 180.000 units of the current model for Korea and another sixty countries.

Nissan wants to be as efficient as possible and also wants to be cost competitive while expanding the RSM vehicle lineup. Now, it only contains four models. The Nissan-Renault Alliance exists since 1999 and ever since, they managed to build and sell 8.03 million units until last year in more than 200 countries. The RSM is something the French carmaker should be proud of as it increases the industrial footprint and sales volume even outside the west part of Europe. Next year is expected to sell more than 50% of its vehicles outside of Western Europe. Last year, the Renault specialists managed to sell 43% and back in 2010, 37%. The 10% market share in Korea is one of the goals Renault has established as last year it only had 7%. RSM will introduce next year the SM3 ZE, a small crossover with a zero CO2 emission level. Renault Samsung Motors has 199 dealerships only in Korea.