2012 Renault Zoe EV review and pictures

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Renault Zoe EV

At the Geneva Motor Show, Renault presented the production version of the Zoe electric hatchback. The starting price of the entry level, Zoe Life is EUR15.700 and features a lot of elements as standard equipment. The other two-high versions, the Zen and Intens have a starting price of EUR17.500. The model has a rage of 100 km in cold conditions and 150 km in hotter weather. This is actually the first electric vehicle that can be charged at any power level up to 43 kW in between 30 minutes and nine hours. Standard equipment for Zoe Intens includes a rear parking sensor and reversing camera. The model will be available for sale starting this fall.

Renault releases prices (in France) for ZOE and opens reservations

Renault has profited from the 2012 Geneva Motor Show to release prices for ZOE. The new compact, all-electric hatchback, which is made in Flins, France, will go on sale in Europe this autumn, but cars can already be reserved at www.renault-ze.com.

In France, tax-paid prices for Renault ZOE will start from Eur15,7001 for the entry level version, ZOE Life, which will come with the integrated Renault R-Link multimedia tablet, Chameleon battery charger and automatic climate control as standard equipment. Tax-paid prices for the two high-end versions - ZOE Zen and ZOE Intens - will start from Eur17,5001.

Tax-paid battery lease prices will start from Eur79/month (for a contract covering 12,500km/year over a period of 36 months).

ZOE packs six world premieres, 60 patented innovations and Renault's excellence in the field of electric powertrains, including the most advanced electric vehicle technology:

1. It is the first mass-market electric vehicle with pre-tax prices in France starting from Eur15,7001.
2. It is the first mass-market electric vehicle with a range of 210km (NEDC cycle).
3. It is the first vehicle to be equipped with Range OptimiZEr, a system designed to optimise real-world range whatever the conditions thanks to three innovations: new-generation braking energy recovery, a heat pump and energy efficient Michelin Energy E-V tyres. For example, on a journey near and around a built-up area, drivers stand to benefit from a real-world range of 100km in cold conditions and 150km in mild weather.
4. It is the first electric vehicle capable of being charged at any power level up to 43kW - in between 30 minutes and nine hours - thanks to its integrated Chameleon charger. ZOE's battery can be charged in approximately one hour at 22kW fast-charge stations which are technicaly simpler and more economical than current fast-charge stations. This intermediate power level ensures longer battery life and has less impact on the grid than a 43kW charging station.
5. It is the first electric vehicle to permit the widespread deployment of fast-charging stations that are easier to use and up to four times cheaper.
6. It is the first Renault vehicle to feature Renault R-Link, an integrated, connected multimedia system.

Thanks to ZOE, Renault puts Zero Emissions2 mobility within the reach of the majority of motorists. It is the first car to be designed from the ground up as an entirely electric vehicle and is ideal for everyday use with a tax-paid price tag in France starting at Eur15,7001.

ZOE LIFE: electrical excellence for everyday use.

The 'Life' version of Renault ZOE boasts all the necessary technology to ensure simple use, long range and connectivity. Equipment includes:

  • The Range OptimiZEr system.
  • The Chameleon battery charger.
  • Renault R-Link. This seven-inch touchscreen display with speech recognition enables the car's functions to be controlled without drivers having to take their eyes off the road. Functions covered include Carminat TomTom? Live navigation, electric vehicle driving guidance, the audio system, R-Link Store applications and much, much more.
  • The My Z.E. Connect Pack for remote access to range-related data using a smartphone or computer.
  • "Z.E. Voice", an exterior sound which warns pedestrians of the vehicle's approach. One of three sounds can be selected: Pure, Glam and Sport.
  • The Eco-mode which optimises range by adjusting the performance of the climate control system and the power provided by the motor. This reassuring function is activated by a switch on the centre console.
  • Plus a range of other comfort-enhancing equipment, including automatic climate control and pre-conditioning of the cabin.

ZOE ZEN takes care of occupants

In addition to its brightly lit cabin, ZOE Zen benefits from the 'Take Care by Renault' signature which is dedicated to looking after the wellbeing and comfort of all occupants. The system compris

  • A relaxing or stimulating active scent diffuser. The effectiveness of the scents has been proven by a study conducted by the German institute Psyrecon.
  • A purifying and relaxing air ioniser. The purifying function eliminates the bacteria found in cabin air. The relaxing function generates negative ions to produce a balance with the positive ions, which are present in high concentrations in confined spaces.
  • A toxicity sensor which detects excessive pollution levels and automatically switches on the air recycling mode in the cabin.
  • Teflon? upholstery protection for easier cleaning. This invisible, odourless treatment is both waterproof and stain-proof.

The black, 'hi-tech' interior ambience of ZOE INTENS mirrors ZOE's dynamism

Standard equipment for ZOE INTENS includes a rear parking sensor and reversing camera.

Both the ZEN and INTENS versions are equipped with:

  • '3D Sound by Arkamys' auditorium quality audio which occupants will particularly enjoy thanks to ZOE's silent ride.
  • A hands-free card.
  • 16-inch A?rotronic aluminium alloy wheels, the aerodynamic design of which resembles a ship's propeller.
  • The My Z.E. Inter@ctive Pack to programme, start or terminate battery charging remotely or pre-condition the cabin using a smartphone or computer.
  • A Digital Pack to access R-Link Store applications.

Customers who reserve ZOE will be able to specify:
  • One of six body colours (optional metallic paint from Eur470*).
  • 16-inch aluminium alloy wheels (Eur500* for ZOE Life) or 17-inch aluminium alloy wheels (Eur250* for ZOE Zen or Intens).

Reserving ZOE at www.renault-ze.com costs Eur49*. Customers who reserve ZOE benefit from exclusive information about the car, as well as exclusive, personalised gifts.

1 With Eur5,000 'eco' subsidy deducted
2 During road use, excluding wear parts
* Tax-paid prices