2012 Rolls Royce Jonckheere Aerodynamic Coupe II by Ugur Sahin review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 19 December 2012 , 09:12:16 byAngela

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Rolls Royce Jonckheere Aerodynamic Coupe II by Ugur Sahin

A new version of the Rolls Royce Jonckheere Aerodynamic Coupe was revealed and this time it comes from Turkish automotive designer Ugur Sahin. So that you know, the original model was born back in 1935 by Jonckheere Works in Belgium. Nowadays we can still see the manufacturing bodies for cars and buses. The carmaker thought about asking designer Ugur Sahin to prepare something special for their most interesting and appreciated project, the Rolls Royce Jonckheere Aerodynamic Coupe II. It was very difficult to develop the new design, but here everyone behaved as professionals and managed to treat the entire project with respect. It is a well-known fact that re-interpreting something from the past is very difficult especially because it has such an impressive and imposing character. Its essence can be lost very easy while looking to provide a modern shape. The proportions, the lines and some shapes are quite essential to re-capture in the new design, but in the same time introducing modern design elements. This is a true work of art for every designer. The specialists have tried not to change a lot of the original car, but to add and change elements in a way to avoid creating an outdated impression.

After establishing the criteria, the specialists have started the job trying to impress everyone without having to depend too much on complicated elements and unnecessary additions. At the front it has a big grill and the doors are round just like the original car. At the back also got some styling modifications with subtle details. Now, the specialists are looking for investors to build an exclusive One-Off car that will provide the feeling of luxury every one wants at some point in their lives. We have to admit that their job was not really an easy one, but here it is, the Rolls Royce Jonckheere Aerodynamic Coupe II.

Source: ugursahindesign