2012 Kenguru EV review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 18 June 2012 , 07:06:54 byVeronica

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Kenguru EV

Like every start-up EV Company the ones in charge with the development of the Kenguru model have encountered a lot of problems, but also a lot of satisfactions during the process. The engineers see this new model as an investment. The Kenguru EV is actually a battery-powered, car-shaped wrapper for a wheelchair. This model was developed in order to help the ones that have mobility difficulties become more independent. This is what Stacy Zoern, CEO of Community Cars, said. The car was actually originally designed by Rehab.

Kenguru EV has its base in Pflugerville, TX, Community Cars where assembles the Kenguru by hand. Unfortunately, they do not have enough money to make and sell them. It seems that a new model will be available soon and the driving will be made using a joystick. The new model has only one door, in the back, to allow a wheelchair to roll on it. It is also capable of achieving 45 km per hour top speed and it has a 70-100 km range. This might be the best hybrid ever made. The engine has 2 gearless synchronous belt driven wheel drives on the back axle and it is capable of developing 2kW/150 Nm per Motor. It also has an independent double wishbone wheel suspension in front shock absorbers with adjustable preload, 4 hydraulic disc brakes, locking brake operating on the front wheels and the size of the wheels are 100 / 90-12. It features a fiberglass chassis on steel frame and it has room for only one driver with wheelchair. It has 20% climbing ability and it is capable of reaching a top speed of 45 km/h. The new Kenguru EV has an LED display on the dashboard and electronic door opening system controlled by a remote control.


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Kenguru EV