2012 Teal Camper review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 7 May 2012 , 12:05:18 byVeronica

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Teal Camper

Lawrence Drake developed the Chevrolet HHR, but it was not really enough and so, it begun working on another project with the same 1.000-pound tow capacity. This is how the Teal Camper was developed. The model fits on a four-by-eight trailer and weights 630 pounds empty and the trailer is not included. The camper is made of a set of weather-sealed panels bound with Phillips-head bolt and a strap. The corner pieces and the ones with windows and door openings can be assembled in a rectangular shape according to the desire of each customer. Inside it has a bad for two and a table and as optional, Drake offers canvas cabinets. The headroom can be extended to six-feet and to be more precise, the whole assembly can be bolted to a plywood floor with angle brackets and straps. The final price of the concept was not revealed yet, but is starts at $3.000 for the empty shell.