2012 W Motors Hyper-Sport review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 23 July 2012 , 11:07:34 byEmil

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W Motors Hyper-Sport

Everyone knows that in the Middle-East, supercars feel like home. In Dubai, for example, fast and rare cars have found their owners. There was one thing missing though. If this is a place where supercars appear overnight, there are no supercars originating from the Middle East. Things are about to chance as W Motors decided to produce two new models, the Hyper-Sport and the Super-Sport. These two will actually be the first supercars produced here. It seems that the hyper-cars will be exclusive, luxurious and will use the most advanced technology in the world.

The carmaker will only build five units with the help of Magna Steyr, the Austrian manufacturer and German carmaker RUF. The new W Motors Hyper-Sport will have its first official public display at the Dubai Motor Show, this December. The models will be labeled as being the most exclusive high-performance cars ever made. The W Motors Hyper-Sport will be the first and only car to have a fully functional holographic display with interactive motion. Each element it has was specially designed to offer the perfect balance between power-torque and speed. In the end it offers a unique driving experience. Debbas is the one behind the W Motors project and worked on building a sizeable network inside the automotive industry and this is how the W Motors was born.

This is the best project the Arab world has ever had when it comes to building exclusive, luxurious and technologically advanced supercars. More information on the matter will be available as soon as the specialists want to tell us more.