2012 Switzer R1K-X GT-R Red Katana review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 17 September 2012 , 00:09:36 byAngela

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Switzer R1K-X GT-R Red Katana

A few weeks ago, Switzer offered very few details on their R1K-X Red Katana. Back then we found out that the supercar was capable of doing the quarter mile in 8.97 seconds at 163-165 mph, but now, time has come to find out exactly what it is capable of. Its engine is capable of developing 1.400 horsepower. For the interior, the carmaker offered a very powerful two-tone paintjob. The model also features a new body kit that features a new front bumper cover, lightweight carbon hood, front splitter and also deck lid spoiler at the back.

On the inside quality can be seen in everything. The model is a GT-R with an interior that can compete with the same kind of cars that the GT-R can compete with on the track, according to Nissan. Beside the leather inserts and high quality materials used on all tactile surfaces of the car, the R1K-X Red Katana also comes equipped with a high-end audio system. It is true, it is nice to spend time in the new model, but all the extra equipment and elements add around 300 lbs. of mass. As a solution to this problem, the specialists came up with an interesting idea. If the car is 300 lbs heavier, the engineers made 300% more powerful.

The VR38 engine was fitted with reinforced rods and pistons, but also with Switzer-specific cams. Their profile matches to the heads of the CNC-machined cylinder and were optimized for the R1K-X Turbos and manifolds. The carmaker offered an incredible intercooled system. Even if the engine produces over 1.250 horsepower, thanks to the Switzer-tuned Syvecs standalone ECU, the interior comfort remains intact. When it comes to the transmission, you should know it is a little harsher and the driver might need some race fuel to get all the power out of it.