2012 Tesla Model S review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 25 June 2012 , 04:06:23 byEmil

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Tesla Model S

Back on the 22nd of June, the new Tesla Model S was officially launched. Even the Governor of California attended the event so, well, it had to be something really special so it will be one of the days that will be stuck in history. Everyone who witnessed the event called it the best car in the world. Also it is called the best sedan and the first luxury sedan powered only by electricity.

All the ones involved in the process of development felt very proud. While CEO Elon Musk, California Governor Jerry Brown, Model S designer Franz von Holzhausen praised the car, the workers cheered in the background. The truth is that everyone likes a luxury sedan that can seat up to seven people, even if two of them have to be children. It also has a normal range at it is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in under 6.0 seconds. All the functions of the car can be controlled only from a gargantuan 17-inch touch-sensitive display. This must be a little uncomfortable sometimes just because you have to look every time you want to press something, but it is always cool to behold. The event also represented the start of customer deliveries.

The first three lucky owners received the keys of their new acquisitions and a large smile on their faces. Two of them were sent to Chicago and one remained in California. The rest of the incredible pieces-of-art were picked up by their owners directly from the factory. This was actually a part of the launch ceremony. After all the rumors and after all the celebrations, the only thing left to do is see the supercars in action, on the roads, bringing joy and satisfaction.